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Heroes anywhere
and Forever
From a German, Indian, and American Perspective

Sieghild Bogumil-Notz (Ed.)
Literatur- und
Paperback, 158 pages
ISBN 978-3-941030-39-8
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The title of the book refers to the heroes in literature, film and music… And what about heroines? Obviously, they are not as wide-spread as their male colleagues in fictional and generally artistic representations—a situation which actually is a challenge to delve deeper into this matter. Graduate students as well as professors of Comparative Literature present their points of view focusing on most different issues raised by the topic. The contributions from India, Germany, and America trace back the item to the early Sanscrit drama and the songs of the Buddhist nuns (Theri) from 600 BC and exploring the use and the incessant reconstruction of the hero or heroine up to the actual political commitment in Indian films and literatures and the pop-cultural nostalgias in the Power Metal. They present a transcontinental topographical panorama encompassing a historical outline of the changing significations of the concept particularly in Europe and finally focusing on the threshold where the notion is fading away.

Thus this book is an implicit defence of the hero and heroine without considering the actual somewhat futile usages of the term. The contributors demonstrate that it is not worthwhile to state this decline rather that it is a pleasure to consider the way heroes and heroines are (re-) constructed in a work of art.




Preliminary Remarks
Heroes Anywhere and Forever

Judhajit SARKAR
The “Heroism” of Gandhi and the
Gandhian Heroes: Strategies
of (Re-) Presentation

One Modern Indian Hero, B.R. Ambedkar,
and His Afterlife as an Action Figure

Ipshita CHANDA
What Is a Heroine, Who Is She?

The Hero in Classical Sanskrit
Drama: A Few Remarks

Aratrika CHANDA
The Hero in Literature: An Introspection
of the Subconscious of the Coward as Hero

Knights of the Holy Grail as Heroes
in Literature and Music

The Character of Percival as Presented
by Wolfram von Eschenbach
and Richard Wagner


“The wedding was very much
like other weddings”

The Concept of the ‘Heroine’ and its
Relevance for Jane Austen’s Emma

Anna-Lena THIEL
The Death of Joan the Saint –
the Birth of Joan the Heroine

Sylvia KOKOT
Equal Among Equals?
Kriegerin – Path of a Heroine?

Viking Warriors
The Concept of Heroism in
European Power Metal

Alternate Heroes in an Alternate
Reality: Harry Potter, Frodo and
Bilbo Baggins

The Little Heroes



Sieghild BOGUMIL-NOTZ was Akademische Rätin with the department for Comparative Literature at Ruhr-University Bochum.


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